Welcome to Namibia, Botswana and South Africa Tours and Safaris       Welcome to Namibia, Botswana and South Africa Tours and Safaris       Welcome to Namibia, Botswana and South Africa Tours and Safaris       Welcome to Namibia, Botswana and South Africa Tours and Safaris       Welcome to Namibia, Botswana and South Africa Tours and Safaris       Welcome to Namibia, Botswana and South Africa Tours and Safaris       Welcome to Namibia, Botswana and South Africa Tours and Safaris      


We became the synonym for soft 4 x4 adventure safaris between Cape Town and Namibia since 2008. We generously shared our experiences and knowledge with our customers  what we both love and cherish and with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the South Western Africa's most beautiful countries, we offer safaris in the most intriguing wilderness areas with the most outstanding features.


Vast, rugged, predominantly untamed, sparsely populated and with limited infrastructure and teeming with wildlife and changing landscape features, the African wilderness can be intimidating and beloved beautiful, even to repeat visitors, if travelling on their own.


Over the years, evolved in line with our growing clientele who, in spite of very different backgrounds and countries of origin, have some core elements in common: they love Africa and all that it stands for, they value individually tailor-made adventures, they want to experience off-the-beaten-track just as in-depth as the must-see famous highlights, and most of them find staying in 5-star luxury beach or bush lodges, just as natural and enjoyable as camping in the African Bush.


We offer outstanding tours and safaris, whether accommodated or self-driven to our guests.

This is your one-stop shop. Vehicle hire (4x4), accommodation (camping or lodges), tour plan (itinerary) and route. 



Met veel spijt terug in ons Belgen-land. We zijn allen nogal vermoeid en leven momenteel nog in een Afrikaanse roes. Dit was een superreis in een fantastisch mooi land. Wat het vliegen betreft hebben we ons moeten beperken tot ochtendvluchten (bij zonsopgang ) wegens te warm en te turbulent over dag alsook wegens soms moeilijke vliegomstandigheden.
Heeel veeeel lof van IEDEREEN voor onze gids Nico. Prachtige man met een enorm aanpassingsvermogen, kennis van zijn job en steeds bezig om het beste eruit te halen. Een zeer goeie bestuurder met een beest van een wagen.
De planning, accommodaties, loges, eten , drankvoorziening enz,Ö waren zonder uitzondering steeds in orde.















Nico, once again, thank you for your patience, for your daily smile and your professional work you did ! I guess it isnít always easy to reform yourself into each time a different group. What I concerns ; we could not find any better. And I am not saying that to pleasure you, this is what I and for sure the group really feels about. BIG THANKS !!!


























If there was something which we ever choose correctly for our trip to Namibia and Cape Town was to travel with Namibia and RSA self-drive Tours. Once this decision was taken all the rest was absolutely wonderful.

The itinerary proposed by them took into consideration the time which we had available, the arrival and departure places chosen by our group, the locations that we wanted to visit, and all this done in an ideal rhythm.
Our guide, an excellent professional, surprised us more and more as the days went by with the results of such excellent organization and by choosing very special places which seemed to have been selected with a lot of care. The knowledge of the history and culture demonstrated by our guide made all the difference and was presented in a very rich and detailed manner. We did this journey in a group of three couples from Brazil and up to this day we have happy memories of those three weeks which we spent together. We want to go back to Namibia to visit some places which we still donít know and we will certainly do it with Namibia and RSA self-drive Tours. Mr. David Senekal became, for us, much more than a guide, but a great friend.


I have known Mr. Senekal from Namibia and RSA self-drive Tours for the past two years or more since planning for a photography trip to Namibia way back in Sept.-Oct. 2013. I needed a highly customized trip specific to wildlife photography not the run-off-the- mill type that is mostly done by regular tour operators.
Mr.Senekal was very flexible to my needs, fixing the itinerary to the minutest of details. What is remarkable about Namibia and RSA self-drive Tours and Mr.Senekal in particular is that he knows the landscape inside out. Heís also well trained to maintain the vehicles while on the go, which is an added benefit in case of unplanned issues.
The lodges he chose for me were of very high standard at reasonable cost, considering this is Africa and everything costs more when compared to other destinations around the world.
Furthermore I recommend Mr. Senekal for his bubbly character and the individual attention he provides to his clients.
For a reference of some of the work I was able to achieve during this trip please visit my personal website www.frankpsaila.com.



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